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Thursday, July 31, 2008

One more...

Hi everyone,
I finished Tyras 2006 fair layout!!! Yeah!
I used todays Simple Stacks Freebie
The girls left about 2 hours ago to get ready for this years fair. Funny how quiet the house gets, lol. Well I have somewhere near 123 layouts to do just to catch up the girls yearbooks and I have to complete DXD Mega Kit QP's before I head off to the fair.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Brag books have never been simplier...

Hi everyone,

I have this layout that I've been "thinking about" for a long time now, but I couldn't start. I'm not sure, maybe I didn't want to start, lol. After all if I didn't create a layout for it, did it really happen? I know one reason it was harder than it should have been, is because it was in 2007 and I didn't take as many photo's as I liked because I was in pain from my back then. My dd#2 figured out how to cope, she started taking her own photo's, lol. And man does she take them, here's one she took this week.I wish they had signed her up for photography class at the fair. This is priceless! She tries some amazine things with the camera.
So here I sat, limited photo's and no plan. But I never underestimate the "fly by the seat of your pants" technique. With a couple of odd elements from a variety of sources, it really is easy to make a Simple Stacks layout! Brag books have never been simplier.

Hey I was wondering do you all copy and save layouts you like in a special folder? So that way when you create a layout for yourself, you have some idea's to draw from. I've had a few friends say that's one thing they liked about my blogging about Simple Stacks. I have lots of layouts posted that are based on a Simple Stacks. If you pick up a Simple Stacks template and the layout I've posted using that template, you have a starting point and a concrete idea of ways to use the template. That said, here is the layout I finished last night

full credits and journaling are posted in my gallery

But I've done it again. This layout I didn't use any Simple Stacks, it just came out of my head while I was creating it.

I do have a Simple Stacks template freebie for you though,
Download it here

Going to pick up some photo's,
Happy Scrapping,

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You can't make a square peg fit into a round hole...

Hi everyone,
Yesterday I told you that you can use kits, Quick Pages, Word Art, etc., even if they are designed for 12x12's, along with Simple Stacks Templates. I should have realized this is probably new to most who are trying their hand at a 4x6 scrapbook. So in case you were one of 2 who asked more questions about this or you're wondering too, here's a quick little "tutorial".
Using something designed for a 12x12 layout with Simple Stacks:

When you're searching the net or your stash, for products you'd like to use in a scrapbook layout, you'll probably find a LOT designed for 12x12 layouts. Each kit, QP and Word Art will present it's own complications.
For Example with this 12x12 QP:
I notice:
the "window" where the photo will be is slightly to the left (so it won't have a page break directly in the center of the page split)
It's clear around the edges (so I won't be cutting off sections I like)
So to prepare this for my Simple Stacks layout, first I resize it to 8x8 or as close to it without going under (occassionally it will be 8.04 x 8.04, it all depends on the item, but when resizing it must be 8" or just above. If it's below 8" you will have a gap)
Then crop your new 8x8 to 8x6. You can crop between the 1 and 7 inch marks or anywhere on the vertical 8" side so the resulting 8x6 looks good.
Check where the 4" break will occur on the horizontal 8" side
You want to be careful the middle of your photo, journaling or title doesn't fall directly on the 4" crop line.

The result:
You can see the photo and it's not cut down the center. You can read the journaling and it's not broken akwardly in the text. You can read your title and it will not be cropped off.
Tricks to remember: You can always crop something smaller than 8x6 and put it on another background, even slightly askewed to make it look appealing in the smaller setting.

Clear as mud? If you have a specific item you are wondering about, please feel free to email me. Include either a screen shot of the item you are trying to use or link to where I can find a copy to check for you.

Well yesterday I got busy again!
Finished the "last" layout in Jessica's 2007-2008 book, just a few in the middle to do to go to catch up now, lol.
I used an incredible new kit "Not Boys, Just Girls", created by Sarah Kozul found here along with todays freebie. Full credits are included in the description found here.
Ok, here's the square peg part, lol. I used this template out of sequence. This is Simple Stacks Template 119, so there are a few between yesterday's template and today. Sorry if this causes any confusion, it just worked for my birthday layout.
Happy Scrapping,

Monday, July 28, 2008

Simple Stacks make the best Brag Books...

Hi everyone,
Ok, so now I am officially 2 years behind in scrapping dd#1 and dd#3's yearbooks! But I've said that already. How am I going to fix it? I will be 2 years behind in dd#2's book by the 1st of October and dd#1 will graduate next spring, so I have to catch up soon. My plan is to catch up by October 1st!

Did you know Simple Stacks can be used with all kinds of kits, quick pages, word art, etc? That's one of the things I really enjoy about using them. All you have to crop or resize items to make them fit, if they are designed as 12x12's. Now not every design does work, but it's fun to try to see what you can make fit.

Today I found this beautiful 12x12 Quick Page Freebiecreated by Cinnamon Designs, found here.
After finding this QP, I went to look for a Simple Stacks that would work with it's design.
I found Simple Stacks Template 068, all I had to do was flip it horizontally.which was template freebie 9 found here, in case you haven't gotten it yet.
I put them together with a little word art found at Elegant word art by Bethany and another layout for my dd's yearbook is finished. Simple Stacks really do make the best Brag Books!
That said, I have a new Simple Stacks Template Freebie for you today

This weeks Blog Challenge:
Use a Simple Stacks Template from the last week until thursday of this week
along with a kit, quick page, word art, etc, either purchased or freebie
create a layout
post in any gallery of your choice
email me a link along with your name & email by Friday August 1st.
allow me to post on my blog with credits
and I'll send you a special prize.
Happy Scrapping,

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday, sunday.... la la la la ....

Hi everyone,
Yesterday we had a great day. Jessica wanted to go see the new Disney movie Wall-e,so we drove to the city, visited with Grandma Peggy and went to the movies. Can't really say if the movie was good (I doozed off, lol). But she had fun anyway. We stopped at the market to pick up potatoes for dinner and she asked for a rose. She loves getting a flower when we go to that market. When she got into the car both her sisters complained, "Why does she get a rose? We've never gotten a rose!" "Because 1)it's her birthday and 2) she asked for it", lol. After the shopping it was time for dinner, cake, then the rest of her presents. For dinner it was steak, mashed potaotes and cucumbers. Then time for Sabrina to come over to help sing Happy Birthday and watch Jessica try to blow out the trick candles, just like Grandpa had. Finally dad got his present out, it was a pirate playmobile ship. That was a hit! Although she loved all the rest of her presents, dad playing with her was the best!

I took plenty of photos and set out bright and early to scrap some, since now I am officially 2 years behind on 2 of my dd's yearbooks, omg!
Here's one layout I finished, using a photo that jaime snapped of Jessica this morning:
I created about 10 new simple stacks today too! Oh yeah, Simple Stacks set 11 is now available at Digi by Design. But today I was working on blog freebies and blog challenge prizes.

Today's Simple Stacks Template Freebie
Download it Here
Thanks for visiting,
Gotta make dinner,
Happy Scrapping,

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jessica's Birthday :)

Hi everyone,
Today is Jessica's Birthday, so even though I woke up at 7am, I'm running out of time quickly.
No time to scrap today, lol.
Now to answer Jody's Question/explain me, lol. Sorry if I've confused you Jody or anyone else. Have you ever started doing something one way and in the middle of doing it you change how you're doing it, want to seem to make it easier to keep track of? Well that's me. When I start something I think I've figured out the easiest way to keep track of it, but find I'm wrong, lol.

So I start doing something a little different. When I started giving away Simple Stacks Templates, I thought keeping track of them with freebie #'s would work. But then I started needing/wanting to keep track of how many photo's were on each Simple Stacks Template, both in my kits for sale and freebies. That way I have a variety. I know how many photo's on a template I may prefer is different from others. So in an attempt to be able to track that, I created a list of templates I've made. Well when I was trying to identify the templates the names kept mixing me up. So now I'm just creating templates, naming them sequentually, then deciding if they will become a kit for sale, a freebie, a blog prize, etc. So the numbering will skip around a bit, but they should continue to go up. For example the other day I found a way to make templates faster, so I made up 11 or 12. I looked at all I made and tried to put a balanced # of photo's in the set for sale. I had 2 templates with 1 photo, 2 templates with 2-3 photos and 2 templates with 4+ photos. Then the rest I marked for blog freebies and I'm posting them lowest # first until I run out again. Make sense to anyone else?

Like I said sorry if I've confused anyone.

Gotta run soon, I have a new Simple Stacks Template Freebie for you
Happy Scrapping,
oh, ps. the folders still have the freebie # on them in sequetial order, lol.

Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm so organzied, lol

Hi everyone,
well I'm still all the way across the state, visiting :)
We had a good day yesterday, Jessica selected a Scooby Doo and an Ice cream cone cake, lol.
She just wanted the ice cream cone filled with frosting!
I have a computer to visit, but this one is never going to create layouts it's too s l o w !!
And I did say I was organized, I may not be able to make any layouts or templates but I made some freebies and uploaded them and the previews before I left home so all I had to do was post them!
Here's Simple Stacks Template 099
Happy Scrapping,

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Freebie for the road...

Hi Everyone,
Well I'm on the road today to visit with my sister and celebrate Jessica's birthday with my family. I know this weekend will be swamped with her celebration so I got busy last night.
I created Simple Stacks Set 11 (available soon)
A layout
This one was tough for me, especially looking at this photo. I didn't see it then and it's all I can see now when I browse the photo's taken that day. The journaling was... just no words can describe it.
Journaling reads:
There's something about that vacant stare,
Things we didn't know when we were sitting there.
Now all we have are memories.
Instead of photo's of you and me.
I am thankful for you, then and now.
But would someone please tell me how?
How does the sun shine without you here?
How do the birds sing when you're not near?
How will I keep you in my heart?
That would be the place to start.
I will remember until I die.
I will remember and I will cry.
I loved you so very much.
I loved your smile, I loved your touch.
I will go on with just memories.
Because there's no more photo's of you and me.
~written by me
Moving on

I have Simple Stacks Template 097 for you today
And there's more on their way :)
Happy Scrapping
Off to take pictures...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm quick today, lol

Hi everyone,
I have to laugh at myself. When I get to the post page of my blog, I'm always at a loss on what to put as the title. I could just keep typing the same thing, type the date, type "FREEBIES, FREEBIES,FREEBIES!" or a million other things, but not me I have to type something relevant to my day, lol. I think that makes it harder than it should be.
OK, anyway.
For those who know what the last 2 weeks have been like, my day is now out of the toilet!! I'll be seeing you soon, lol. And for those who don't, I finished another layout!! YEAH!! . I was amazed how quickly this one came together for me, after all it's taken 18 months to start! Here's my Simple Stacks layout.
I created this page from a kit that I made way back in 2007 just before these photo's were taken. I was so proud of that kit! When I added it to the first mall I was in, I was really disappointed when, according to the owner of the mall, it only sold like 1 copy. Well I tend to hang on to things, lol. So it's over at Digi By Design, just in case anyone really does like it and wants their own copy. You can find it Here
Ok anyway, I'm really not here to sell today, lol.
So since I created everything on this page, I actually have 2 freebies for you.
First, here is your Simple Stacks Template Freebie for today
Download it Here
and finally, I also made this into a Quick Page for you
Download it Here
Hope you enjoy them.
Time to really get to work, lol.
Happy Scrapping,
Hi again,
I was browsing the web contemplating another Simple Stacks Template when I stumbled across a page call for Digital Scrapbooking Magazine. Here are the details:
Calls for Digital Scrapbooking December 08/January 09 issue.T3: Tips, Techniques and Tutorials
Our hands-on how-to column, "T3," features both cutting-edge techniques from our Creative Team and tips and tutorials from our talented readers. For this issue, we'll give special consideration to submissions featuring winter holiday themes and time- or money-saving ideas
Here's what we're looking for:
Tips. Have you found a great way to use layer blending modes? A quick fix for less-than-perfect photos? Send us your tips of 50 words or fewer on any digital scrapbooking subject, along with a layout or project that illustrates the tip in action. Select T3 as your layout category to submit tips for consideration.
Techniques. Busy scrapbookers are always looking for ways to make scrapbooking quicker and easier. Send us your time- and stress-saving tricks, along with a layout or project that shows how you've used them to create.
I was thinking this might be a good place to submit a Simple Stacks layout. huh?!!
They are great time/stress savers and they make perfect affordable gifts :)
Go Here to find the submission form.
Back to browsing,

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sending some love and another freebie

Hi Everyone,
I am just about to burst today!! I had 2 emails and a comment about Simple Stacks and they just made me so happy!
Ok, first thing, did you know everytime you tell me you've uploaded to a gallery I have to find it, just to see your layouts, lol. It's like an obsession I have! I just MUST see it! Then I have to register, so I can comment!! I am a "member" at so many online galleries, lol.

You have got to go see "goog's" layouts! Outstanding work!!
She asked a question in her comment about "submitting a layout for publication". Here are my "requirements" for the challenge (a basic do x, y, z list) and here is information on where to find "print magazines" to sumit a Simple Stacks layout for publication.

And I'm really not too picky or strick, lol.

If you find a digital newsletter or ezine that you've submitted your layout for publication with, I'll count that too. Just copy and paste a section of the email or web page (you can do a Print Screen and send a copy with your email to me) where you've submitted a Simple Stacks layout for publication. You're layout does NOT have to be published for me to appreciate and reward your efforts! Just send me an email include your name, your email, a copy of a print screen selection that shows you've submitted a Simple Stacks layout for publication. The print screen selection should show me the publications name or you can just put that in your email to me, so I know what publications to watch for a Simple Stacks layout.

oh, oh, oh, I just thought of another Blog Challenge <<>> But I better wait to tell you tomorrow, so I can have my details all set.

Watch the right side of my blog for information on Blog Challenges, etc. I have to find a way to make it easy for everyone to find the info quickly.

I better get the freebie posted, dh is almost home, lol.
Today I have a 2 photo Simple Stacks Template for you.
This one was one I started with part of my DXD Mega Kit Contribution for August, the title is on a decorated tag (that's why it looks funny), so be on the lookout for that soon, lol.
Thanks again for visiting!
Happy Scrapping,
ps, just made it he's home
running now, lol

Monday, July 21, 2008

Lemonade anyone? Or another freebie?!

Hi everyone,
I've heard it a million times "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." It's such a simple premise, but a great outlook on life don't you think?!
Recently I was attempting to create some digital kits for a very large non profit 2 of my 3 daughters are currently part of and all (12) of their cousins on my sisters side of the family have been apart of or are currently part of. I've had leaders and other member beg me to make them kits too! Unfortunately today I received the answer NO.
So although I can make them for myself, do layouts for my children, nieces and nephews as gifts, I can't do them for everyone who's begging me, because the organization will not grant a license for any other scrapbook designer other than the 2 paper only companies that currently have been granted a license. Oh and I was going to give them % of my sales of the product indefinately for the national, state and local groups as well. Too Sad.

So, I must be destined to make Simple Stacks and the ability to create personalize 4x6 scrapbooks from just a plain old standard 4x6 photo album a huge success! After all it's what I LOVE to do!
That said, I have to tell everyone thank you for all your nice comments!!
I just have to answer a couple today, so if you'll just indulge me...
Here's the 1st comment:
Thank You for your comment Jessica! I am so happy you have found Simple Stacks! And more than anything I am so excited for you to begin.
I've been scrapping for my daughters for a very long time now. I've found that creating these "Yearbooks" some of the most rewarding times I've spent scrapping and they are a whole lot easier than completing those pre printed baby books!
I'd LOVE to see your layouts.
There are a few ways you can share them.
After completing your layout save a copy to print and/or to re-edit (if you save these, I do since I always find spelling errors after printing). Duplicate your layout in your graphics program, so you don't work on your original. In PSP just press Shift + D, in Photoshop Elements 3 you right click then click duplicate. All the graphic's programs have that ability somewhere. Resize your duplicate layout to 72 dpi and 600x600 pixels. This size will fit in most emails, galleries etc.
You can email me your layout,
place them in your own gallery at DXD or any other gallery then email me the link so I can go look for myself,
you can put them on Photobucket, Flicker etc then email me the link,
or you can leave the link in with your comments.
Whatever is easiest for you.
This information is good for anyone wanting to share your layout! And you never know, if I have your email address' you just might find a special goody in your inbox from me. BTW - I never share emails. Just thought I'd let you know, incase anyone doesn't want to send stuff because they don't like junk email.
Here's another comment:
You're right ~hj we live in Michigan! and my dd's loved those stones!

My mom recently wanted me to read a book. I'm a slow reader and it was almost impossible to read the thing with the kids, the house, scrapping, etc. My dh found me trying to read it several times and asked "Do you really want to read that?" He really doesn't believe in "self help" or inspirational stuff, lol. At the time I said "Well no, not really. It's not my favorite type of book. But mom told me to read it. So I am." I've always done what my mom told me to do, no joke, even as a teenager, lol.
I have to say I'm really glad I did. One of the messages I got from the book is to do what I love. Problems, ie money, stress, etc. will take care of itself. I thought that was a good idea. Last year problems were everywhere and I was stressed all the time. So here I am taking more steps to do what I'm here to do, lol.
A while ago, maybe a week or so, I had a Blog Challenge 4 posted ~ I think it was 4 lol. Anyway I asked for everyone to submit a Simple Stacks Layout for publication. I had one person email with questions about where to submit a layout to for publication. Here's the post again, in case you missed it:

Anyway, my blog challenge 4 for today is to create a Simple Stacks Layout and submit it for publication! Lets show everyone that you can do a beautiful and functional scrapbook that you don't have to spend a fortune to purchase a special sized album, or so big it costs a fortune to print!!
Here are the details:
Use any Simple Stacks Template (purchased or a freebie)
Use any scrapbook kit (purchase, own designs, or a freebie. Digi Free has some great designs if you haven't found them yet.)
Submit the layout to any magazine, printed or online, with credits
Email me from July 15th to July 20th, 2008, a link or copied documentation that you submitted the layout using a Simple Stacks Template, include your full name and the Simple Stacks - Mini set you'd like.
This challenge is open to all scrappers, designers, ct's, etc.
Everyone who submits a Simple Stacks layout for publication, providing me with a link or copied documentation (so I can find out if any ever get published, lol. My own obsession, lol.) will recieve their choice of a Simple Stacks - Mini set. My Simple Stacks - Mini sets contain 4 Simple Stacks templates that will be on sale for just 98cents a set in the Digi By Design Mall during our Mid Month Madness Sale July 15th-20th, 2008. Since I will have to wait until the Simple Stacks - Mini sets are on sale this challenge will run from today until July 20th, 2008. I'd love to see everyones layouts!!

Well I put the line email me from july 15th to july 20th, 2008.... But I didn't intend for that Blog Challenge to be completed by those dates.
I just needed a way for everyone to select a prize, lol.
I know that submissions for magazines can take a while, therefore this Blog Challenge will run until.... 2009!
I really really want to show everyone Simple Stacks is one of the easiest, most enjoyable and cost effective way to scrap, lol.
Everyone who completes my Blog Challenge 4 by January 1st, 2009 will receive their choice of a)Simple Stacks - Mini sets 1-5 b) their choice of Simple Stacks - Mini sets in development or c) an even more fantastic prize that I haven't thought of yet, lol.
Help me show everyone a 4x6 standard photo album is a priceless, unique, personalized scrapbook just waiting to be created!

So sorry this post is so long. I'm just long winded today, lol.
Thank you for visiting and sharing some lemonade with me on this hot July day. It rained again so when am I ever going to be able to mow my lawn again?!
I have a special little Simple Stacks Template just for you!
Thanks again,
Happy Scrapping,

Sunday, July 20, 2008

some yearbook layouts done!! :)

Hi everyone,
Well I was busy for more of yesterday, but I didn't work on my mk contribution :( (I have to find the time and inspiration to finish it!!) However I did create 4 more yearbook layouts for Tyra!! Now I only have 16 left to finish her 2006-2007 book, lol.
I used Simple Stacks Templates to do these, but I only kept track of the last one.
Here are the layouts
I used lots of papers and elements from shabby princess, the You are so beautiful freebie created by Doreen Stolz and other designers.
Now the one I did this morning. It has space for 5 photos! I created the Simple Stacks Template and got right to work. I created the paper and spiders. I altered shabby princess' ribbon and book plate to finish it.
Hope you like the Simple Stacks Template for this one, because that's the freebie I have for you!
Well I do need to do some work now,
Happy Scrapping,

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Another try

Ever do a layout that when you did it you thought "ok, I like that one." Not your best work, but sometime life gets in your way of scrapping. So for the next few days you keep thinking about the layout. Well that's me, lol. Before I completed my layout I was looking for a specific style of paper and elements. I was sure I saw some similar to what I wanted in june. But for now I couldn't find them. So I chose something else. Well I asked my 13yo's opinion of it last night when she wanted to steal my computer to talk on yahoo with her friends and try to create a cute pig. She saw this cow created by Tracey at Aussie Srappers (sorry I can't find the original freebie to post),and she hoped there was a pig. But no luck, so she was on to create one inspired by Tracey's style. This is where she stopped.So back to my layout, her only comment was it looked like I was brand new at scrapping, lol. Ok I'm not raising a scrap critic! lol. Well I guess I am. This one's an artsy kinda girl. She always has an opinion on colors, shapes, etc. So I gave her my computer and went to bed. This morning, I got back to my layout and put this one together.
or this one (kinda looked unfinished on the right side)
I used DMK DesignsSummer Party kit bracket quick pages and a paper. Better? I'll have to wait to ask her, lol, she's still asleep.
Onward, Thanks for your opinion Jody! You're right I'm sure many scrappers are too busy right now to do many challenges, so I'm going to give this template to everyone as a freebie!
You can download it here
Ok then, gotta finish doing something I'm sure. Oh yeah I have to finish my DXD mega kit contribution for Aug, lol. Off to get to work.
Happy Scrapping,

Friday, July 18, 2008

Another Simple Stacks Template Freebie and a slide show

Hi Everyone,
I was playing around this morning with my previews and Simple Stacks Templates and I decided I needed some sort of way to take a look at all the Simple Stacks Templates I have created thus far. All of them, the 10 sets available thru the Digi By Design Store, all my freebies and the blog challenge prizes. So I am in the process of creating a Simple Stacks Template Preview Catalog. Just for fun I created a slide show above using them. I already see some changes I want to make. If anyone has any suggestions, please email me. I'd love to hear your ideas.
Today I have a new Simple Stacks Template Freebie for you! Here's a preview.
All for now,
Happy Scrapping,

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Qp's, Yearbook layouts and freebies

Hi everyone,
Shelli gave me an blog award :)
Thank you Shelli, gotta go find out what to do now, lol. I'm so slow sometimes.

And, Shelli from Me and my s"crap" created this layout using my Simple Stacks Template 031 found in Simple Stacks - Mini set 1 and Watermelon Patch created by Rachael H at DigitalArts-Cafe. What a cutie! She has posted a Quick Page version on her blog to share with everyone. I have to say this is awesome!! Now not only do I get to create layouts using my own stuff, I can collect other peoples creation to use in my yearbooks too!! Thanks Shelli and Rachael H!

Speaking of yearbooks, I created a new layout for Jessica's 2006 yearbook this morning. Take a look.
I called it Santa Hugs, because this was the first year I remembered she wasn't afraid of Santa, lol. The story's in the journaling. I used papers and elements from my Merry & Brite Kit and Simple Stacks Template 087 (keep an eye out for the template on my blog soon).
You can download the Quick Page Here
Time to create another layout and maybe find some papers and elements....
Happy Scrapping,

After I created a new Simple Stacks Template, I played some more today with the girls yearbooks. Here's the template I made. When I was creating the layout I was lucky to find a little bracket quick page freebie here created by Karla M, that I resized to fit my layout, Summer Citrus Paper Pack freebie here created by Simply Sweet and Beach Blast element freebie here created by Marshmallow Scraps. Thanks for the freebies they are awesome!I just love how it looks with my dd's beach photo! Hmm.. Seems I like the bright colors today. As you can see you can use freebie, kits etc that are created for 12x12 kits, you just have to alter them to fit into the Simple Stacks Templates. I almost never use anything exactly as I've found it, lol.
Now I'm not sure what to do with the Simple Stacks Template. Should I put it on my blog as a freebie, do another Blog Challenge or put it with 5 more for a new mall kit. Hmmm...... Any Suggestions?

bye for now,