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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Vacation, Senior Pictures and more

Well it's that time, I had to start taking some senior photo's. I've been browsing the web for some idea's and I think I have some that my dd will love. While we were on vacation we found a nice little spot in Big Rapids. The photo's are ok, but I think we both need to keep trying.
Here's the layout I finished for her.
I used my newest Simple Stacks Template Freebie to create this layout
I also finished another vacation layout, it's a bit artsy, but I loved the photo!
I used one of my newest Simple Stacks Templates - set 9
(They'll be in the store soon, but now I have to fix the preview before it does, lol)
I have a great selection of Simple Stack Templates now, I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I do.
Time for dinner,
Happy Scrapping,

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mosquito’s are horrid, so I stayed in most of the day...

Hi everyone,
The mosquito's are just nasty here in town. Any time I went outside they swarmed me, so needless to say I didn't go outside very much. I did fix one of the bird feeders I have, the squirrel broke it while we were gone. And I filled the hummingbird feeder, I now have a male and female coming in multiple times a day.
This morning I worked on some of my Digi By Design July Mega Kit Quick Pages, while I was creating another vacation layout. I love how it turned out!
I think it needs a facing page for some journaling, hmmm....
I'm trying to figure out what photo's to include in the girls yearbooks too. There are so many to choose from.
Finally, just for you, I created another Simple Stacks Template Freebie.
Hope you like it.
I haven't had a chance to create a layout with it yet, but I'm sure I will soon.
Anyone have a preference for how long I leave the downloads available?
I've left them available for a long time, because I know I get frustrated when I find a freebie that I love but it's expired. Just wonder what other people think about it.
Well that's all for now,
Happy Scrapping,

Friday, June 27, 2008

Hello again...

What a nice vacation!
This vacation was a bit different from any we had before, we stayed in a cabin on a lake. Much nicer bathroom than campgrounds :)
Vacation is nice, but I'm so happy to be home again!! I couldn't wait to see what kind of photo's my new camera takes. Oh yeah, I just couldn't wait any longer. We didn't pick it up until like the 3rd or 4th day, so no first day shots. But I made up for it, lol. I took almost 1000 photo's and filled 3 1gb sd cards and 1/2 filled another sb card. I picked up a Cannon Power Shot S5 IS. It's 8 megapixel and it has a 12x Optic Zoom! I wish I had enough to get a Digital SLR, but they were at least 2x the price. I photo's look awesome on the preview screen, but appear much darker on my monitor. I know my monitor's darkish, so I'll visit the library and look on their monitors.
Anyway, so within 2 hours of being home I had my first 2008 vacation layout complete. Then after a nap and dinner, I completed another layout in 8x6, a template and a quick page.
Here's my first Vacation 2008 layout
Here are 2 close up's
I just loved this photo. I snapped it as Jessie was headed up the slide at the park from about 25 feet away. I couldn't believe how great it looks.
And here is one element I created for the Mega Kit. Previews don't do it justice! The texture is wonderful. It's just on the green background so you can see it. The sun and word art element are saved as a .png file so the background is transparent.I used papers and elements created for the Digi By Designs July 2008 Mega Kit - to be released soon , as well as a new Simple Stacks Template Freebie.
Download it Here
Saturday June 28th is another Super Saturday Saver.
This week you can find Simple Stacks Templates - set 2
and Simple Stacks Templates - set 3 for 50% off! That's just $1.50 for 6 8x6 templates!
Well I have so many idea's floating in my head tonight, I have to get some more stuff done.
Thanks for visiting.
Happy Scrapping,

Friday, June 20, 2008

Offically it's friday...

Hi everyone,
Offically it's friday here and that means time for vacation. But I wonder what kind of vacation it can possible be with NO internet, NO computer and NO camera, lol. I'm going to be lost!!!!
Well I really don't know if there's no internet and I'm getting as prepared as I can. I'm bringing books, a sketch pad, pencils... I'll see what I can do to keep myself occupied.
I have something to share with you. Tonight, when I was finishing another template, I checked my email and found a nice little note from someone who has used my Simple Stacks Template to create a layout. It turned out just beautiful! I don't have time to ask if I could post it here, so visit this gallery to view it. Thanks for sharing your layout with me, I love to see them.
Since I will be "out" on Saturday, I want to let you all know I have put 2 kits in Digi By Designs Super Saver Saturday at 50% off.
If you visit on Saturday June 21st 2008, you could pick up My Little Man and Simple Stacks - Covers to Closures set 1
I also have this Simple Stacks Template Freebie available at Digi By Design
I still had no time to scrap, but I created a freebie for everyone
Here's another Simple Stacks Template Freebie.
Time for bed,
night everyone

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another day.......

Hi everyone,
I am so lazy today, lol. My dd was gone to Chicago yesterday, so I had to stay up until 3am to wait for her. My dd#2 did it, but I dozed on the couch after 2 am (dh doesn't believe that's when I can fall asleep, lol). So there I was laying on the couch, dozing and waking up every few minutes "talking to dd#2". Finally dd#1 got home, thanks to a Great friend of mine bringing her home from the school, Thanks Julie! They all went to Chicago with the Choir Teacher to see the play "Wicked". DD loved it! Because 1 dd went to Chicago, I wanted to let the other 2 play, so we went to the mall, browsed the camera's, got slushies, etc. DD#2 kept encouraging me to just buy a camera, lol. She was the last one to use mine, I think she feels guilty and I know she really really really wants one of her own. But I just can't do it. Being a stay at home mom, scrapbooker and kit desinger just means sometimes I don't have the $ to do everything I want. DH goes to work everyday to earn the $ and even though I know I do a lot around here and I work hard everyday there are just some times the "extra" stuff I want has to wait until I have $. I just can't ask my DH for everything. Does that make sense to anyone else?!? Anyway, so we went, I dreamed, then came home to reality. Cleaned the car so we can go on vacation, taught my scrapbook class, but had to leave early (Sorry ladies, I will be back soon), talked to my mom on the phone (I really miss that sometimes) and dd#2 was on my computer all night after we sat down again. So I didn't do any layouts :(
But............ oh I forgot, I printed something like 8 layouts!!!!!!!! They were for all 3 girls, for the past 2 years, so they didn't look like much in the books, but they were so beautiful!!!
Any way... So for today I packaged up a Simple Stacks Template Freebie for you. You'll notice this preview looks a little different from the previous ones, as I didn't get a layout done.
You can find all my Simple Stacks Templates Here
Here is your Simple Stacks Template Freebie for today.
I will try to post again tomorrow and if the Cabin has internet, I'll try to post while we're on vacation. I've signed 2 things up for Saturdays Super Saver this week, oh darn and I have to finish the mega kit for July before I leave, lol.
Anyway, sorry to ramble, it just felt like this kind of morning, lol it's noon. But I'm awake now.
Thanks for visiting,
Happy Scrapping,

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New templates and a freebie

Hi everyone,
running around with the girls today. Were going on vacation at the end of the week and my camera broke :( I can't imagine not being able to take photo's while were gone, I just don't know what to do. We can't afford a new one and most certainly not what I'd like. ok enough pity for myself.
I added another Simple Stacks Template set in the Digi By Design Mall.
From one of those templates I created another layout for dd#1.
I printed them yesterday afternoon and get to pick them up today, I can't wait to see them.
Finally, I created another Simple Stacks Quick Page Freebie for you.
Gotta run,
Have a great day

Monday, June 16, 2008

A new kit, another layout and a freebie...

Hi everyone,
I have a brand new kit in the Digi By Design Mall!
This is my first real kit in I don't know how long.
I needed some elements for one of the layouts I created for my dd and the kit just kinda fell together after that.
My Little Man is available Here
Here's a sneak peek:

I used parts of my new kit "My Little Man" and my Simple Stacks Template Freebie.

This layout is from 2 years ago, can't believe the little guy will be 2 in August!
I wanted to share this Simple Stacks Quick Page Freebie with you too. I hope some of you can use it :)
Download it Here
You can find all of my Freebies still available on my blog, just page down, visit a specific title or the archieves.
I have 7 new Simple Stacks Templates in the mall and another freebie there as well.

Happy Scrapping,

What a day!!!!! A little Freebie for you

Hi everyone, hope your Fathers Day was great!
We had a very busy day!
We started with presents for the daddy and birthday girl. I was kinda upset cause my camera is not working!!!!!!!!! I don't know what I'm going to do without it! I used Jaimes, little piece of ****, but I didn't get 1/2 the photo's I usually do and they will look like the original "digital camera" I got. Anyway, we went to dinner and to Best Buy to pick up a HD converter box. I just went to the camera's and drooled, lol. Both my teenagers did too, lol. Then we moved on to fridges. We don't need one, but it was fun to dream.
When we got home we watches Jumper and The Bucket List, both good movies. But the Bucket List made us cry. And Jaime played on the computer talking all night, so no new scraps for me today. Not sure whats in store for tomorrow, so here's another little Simple Stacks Quick Page Freebie for you all.
Night All,

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day, here's a quick freebie

Good Morning and Happy Fathers Day!
I didn't get anything else finished yesterday, since I took so long in the morning, lol.
When I was done creating and deleting email it was 5pm!!
Too much going on to do much today, with a Birthday and Fathers Day all in one day we'll be off going something.
Here's a Simple Stack Freebie for you today
Have a great day

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Can't believe I'm still sitting here, lol...

Hi everyone,
I forgot to get my Saturday Super Saver kit listed yesterday before we lost power, so....
I have another Simple Stacks Template Freebie for you instead!
But first, I wanted to let everyone know my Simple Stacks Set 7 (I got a bit mixed up on my numbering for the store) is now available at Digi By Design.I love using these myself, they make my pages so much easier to create. And since I have 3 dd's I have a lot of pages to finish.
I woke up this morning, wanting to finish a layout for my dd#1 and I was browsing through the April/May 08 edition of Digital Scrapbooking for some ideas. I found a layout on pg 18 that had a curved portion of paper and stitching. I don't usually do many curved papers and I haven't tried to do curved stitching, so I thought I'd give it a try. Since my Yearbook scrapbooks are 4x6 I had to change things a bit. So I was fiddling with my layout and I had to create some elements too.
Here's the layout I ended up with
And since I lost power, here's the Simple Stacks Template Freebie I created while working on my layout.
Download it Here
Well it's 4pm, I need to eat. But since I didn't eat yet, should it be breakfast, lunch or dinner? lol. Scrapping is so addictive!

Happy Scrapping,


Friday, June 13, 2008

Special Thanks and a freebie...

Hi everyone,
I ran around with my girls yesterday, so I didn't get any layouts done. Then when we got home there was a conspiricy to keep me from my computer, lol. Not really a friend of the girls came over and they sat at the computer talking.
Anyway I am happy to say I finished another layout today! That makes about 8 in the last 10 days for me. I will really be happy when I finish the 2006-2007 books. In just 2 days I will officially be 2 years behind in my dd#1's books :(
Now all I need to do if find the photo disks, lol.
I really love how this one of my dd#3 came out.
I was "laid up" last summer with back issues, so my sister got to spend almost the whole summer with my girls while I waited for surgery. On Jessica's birthday she took Jess to the mall and had her hair and make-up done at "Libby Lou's" (while I don't generally allow make up on my young girls, the effect was beautiful). She bought her a new "princess" dress, sparkly shoes, jewelry, etc. then took her to get her photo taken. The pictures are so adorable and beautiful. (She even paid for the copywrite, so I could use the photo's in my scrapbooks).
Here's the layout I created with 1 of the pictures.
When we arrived at my sisters (I got a shot at the dr's that afternoon so I could travel to see my dd's), we were met by the most beautiful princess, so very happy and excited to see us.
Today's freebie is the Quick Page I created while creating the layout using one of my Simple Stack Templates

Only 1 week before vacation, I want to finish more layouts before we leave, so if you like the freebies I'm posting keep an eye out for new ones.
Tomorrow is Super Saver Saturday
hmmm.... gotta think about what to add this week.
Oops! Thunder, gotta go.
Happy Scrapping,

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

3 Freebies and some daily news...

Hi everyone,
I hope everyone is enjoying my new freebies as much as I am!!
It's so nice to be able to get some of my scrapping done and still have time to design new items and freebies.
Remember, if you're new to the site or don't know how I operate yet, I've left almost all my "Freebies" on esnips, they are still availble to download at this time.
I've finished a couple of layouts from 2007, I'd better write up my "outline" to see what kind of layouts my dd's yearbooks need, so I can be sure to include the important stuff.
Here's a little page for my dd #3
She's so cute and here sister Jaime took the photo, she's really enjoying photography these days.
Although I still get about 300 strange face shots from her a week.
Here's a couple she took.
And, I've finished 2 more Simple Stacks Template Sets!!
Here's a single template preview:
Included in this set of templates are 10 4x6 templates, perfect for creating cover pages and final pages in any STANDARD size 4x6 photo album.
So much for my news, today's freebies are:

(btw the colors on this page are for FFA, but you can use the quick page in a lot of other ways)

And Finally a Simple Stacks Quick Page Element Freebie
I made this element for one of Jessica's layout, so I thought I'd share with you, It's available here.

Well now I need to work on my July Team kit, MMM stuff, Digital Scrapbooking Class stuff and more layouts, so....

Happy Scrapping,


Monday, June 09, 2008

Another Simple Stacks Quickpage Freebie and news

Good morning!

I am so glad I got busy yesterday morning, we lost power at 4ish and it wasn't scheduled to come back on until 4pm on June 10th! I just couldn't imagine what in the world we'd do with no power for 2 days, ahhhhh! The girls just got home from the world pork expo in Iowa and Jaime was beside herself with no internet for another night, lol.
Anyway, I did finish more layouts!! Yeah!!

I created today's freebie from a template in my Simple Stack Set 4

and now I have all 4 Simple Stacks sets available.

Heres Simple Stacks - set 3

Heres Simple Stacks - set 2 Heres Simple Stacks - set 1

Digi By Design News

This weeks Tea for Tuesday Chat will feature the kit Cool Azul. It will be 50% off Tuesday and Wednesday only - just $3.25!
It has 12 background papers, over 40 elements and 2 alphas!This is the perfect kit for all of those beach layouts - but it is versatile enough for other pages, too!

You can find it here
If you attend the chat - June 10th - at 2 PM ET, you will receive this attendance gift. You need to be present during the first 30 minutes of the chat to receive the unzipping password.If you submit a layout for the chat challenge, you will earn this posting gift. You do not have to attend the chat to participate in the challenge. You can use the featured kit for your layout - and it's such a great deal, why not? Chat details can be found here
Todays Simple Stacks Quick Page Freebie

Download it Here

Today's a party, so I'm not sure if I can work much, but I hope to be able fininsh another layout or 2 and create another set of templates. (crossing my fingers) (edited to add: I've finished another Simple Stacks. Simple Stacks - Covers to Closures, another template freebie and quick page. Stop by tomorrow and I'll try to have them posted) Here's a sneak peak.....

My Simple Stacks - Covers and Closures Template Freebie in Now Available.

You can find it Here

Happy Scrapping,