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Friday, August 29, 2008

I'll be back soon!!

Hi everyone,
It seems like forever since I've been able to play!
We picked the girls up from State Fair on Sunday and I don't have a clue where this week went! They go back to school on Tuesday, so I won't do too much for another few days. I can't believe my little one is leaving for school! Unless I get a job I'll have more time to clean and scrap, lol. You know which I'd do if I had my choice.
I did get to create a layout today, since I grounded 1 dd from the computer, 1 was helping her dad and the littlest actually played outside today. This is not my typical layout, I did it as an 12x12 for my great nephew. It was so much fun to do, lol.
See you again soon


Julie P. (babyofmine) said...

just a lil' note to say I miss you! :)

Goog said...

Hi! I was thinking about you today because it's October and we haven't talked to you since August! Hope everything it going well.

Shannon said...

Hey! just another friendly fan checking in! Everything is well I hope!