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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Whining? me? never!

I've always been jealous, it seems those
who have photoshop, pscs, pscs2, etc. always
are having the fun of new actions to work with,
well I use Paint Shop Pro and I want them too!!!!

Sound familiar?
Well guess what, we are on our way!!

Create as many buttons as you desire with just a few clicks
of your mouse! Amaze all your friends, create custom
buttons to match your favorite designer's papers to use in your layouts!
Sell your designs or give them away as gifts!
Commercial use is permitted.
Templates, Script, Set up and Use instructions are all included,
so that even someone who's brand new can use these!
(lol, I just noticed I forgot to put the name on my preview)

Well anyway, Multi Button Script, for Paint Shop Pro
is now available at Digi By Design and will be available
soon at Digi Shop Resources.

I couldn't help myself but play last night, so now I
have 2 new Button Packs available too!

Button Pack 1
included 100 assorted buttons using papers and colors
found in my Cortinas del Azul kit

Button Pack 2

includes 100 assorted buttons using
the papers and color schemes found in
Thanks for reading
oh, btw, did you notice the buttons on the Script
Preview way at the top?
If you go HERE you can pick up a zip
with those 10 plus 23 more!

That set coordinates with my
Lilies and Daisies Kit

Happy Scrapping,

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Super Saturday Saver and more...

I was so excited by these beauties I also created another freebie!

This one is a little add on that includes:
1 12x12 paper, 1 shaker, 1 plain ribbon,
1 ribbon with element and a paperclip element.

Get it Here
See other posts from this week for more freebies

Happy Scrapping,


Thursday, June 21, 2007

teen kit, new mini and FREEBIE...

Say what?!
Ever think you don't speak the same language as your kids?
If you're like me you probably don't! But now that won't matter,
here's a kit to get you up to speed.

With a modern and funky twist to everyday experiences,
"Say What?!" is a Scrapbook Kit that contains everything
you need to complete a whole album about your teenagers
or even questions you might have about what they are saying.
This is a great kit to scrap for or with your teens and kids.

Lilies and Daisies

This is a fun mini kit inspired by some beautiful summer flowers.
This mini includes solid and patterned papers, some hangers, ribbons
and cutouts. Perfect for all kinds of layouts and at a mini price!

Finally, thanks for visiting my blog!
Here is a little freebie

it coordinates with the Lilies and Daisies mini kit, but I just
couldn't wait to add it to the kit before it went into the mall.
So my impatience is Your FREEBIE!

Happy Scrapping,

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm sure everyone's been told, things they can do are only
limited by ones imagination. I know I heard that growing
up almost daily. I never did understand why grownups
would say those things. I was just a kid and my
imagination was quite unique!
But as I grew up, I had many more things to occupy
my mind. I found my imagination is somewhat
limited now. So I have to work to be creative.
Digital Scrapbooking has opened many doors
to that creativity! But as I sit here to play,
some days I really don't feel creative.
I can look at things for hours and just have
no clue what to do with this stuff on my screen.

The other day I had an AH-Ha moment.
I don't want to just create scrapbook kits and
elements. I'm taking time from my family to do
this and lets face it, I'm home because I want
to spend time with my family. So I had to
find a way to actually use my own creations
in my scrapbooks too (I'm a year behind right now!)

I looked at my newest items, my
Paper Makers Overlays

(also available at Digi Shop Resources)
and figured out I could spend just a bit more
time playing with them and create a kit
using the overlays. They are for personal
or commercial use, so I could put them to
work for myself!

I used the overlays above to create

It's a soft hued kit with
Perfect for layouts of everyday, heritage and more.

As thanks for listening to my ramblings.
I have a little freebie for you.
You can get it

Now back to real life.

Happy Scrapping,

Ok, I'm back, lol
I was playing around with a script today
and I finished it!!
I thought I'd share

visit here to pick it up.
Don't use psp, that's ok.
The zip has 10 buttons saved as png's too.

Happy Scrapping,

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

In honor of my dad
and dad's everywhere...

Sunday only you can get all of the products in my store,
new items, commercial use products, etc. for
30% off

I wanted to create a special freebie just for Father's Day.
So I used the color scheme from my
Man of the House kit
and a set of my new overlays to create
this little freebie.

and actually it's not that small. It ended up to be 39mb's!
Zip1 Zip2
Happy Scrapping,

Friday, June 15, 2007

Happy Sweet 16!

It's official I have a 16 year old!
In honor of her birthday this week
I created this little freebie
and of course I used my Sweet 16 Kit
that I made especially for this occasion!
As well as some of my newest
Paper Makers Overlays!
I now have 6 sets available in the
When you get a minute, check them out.
They have been so much fun to create and
I'm learning how amazing they really are!
In just a few clicks I can have many different
papers ready to include in a kit, give away as
a freebie or use to create some of my most
prized layouts for my dd's, which reminds me
I'm now officially 1 year behind!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I'm really going to be needing
the overlays, lol.

Saturday June 16th is another
Super Saver Saturday
This week you can pick up
Dandelion Bouquets
at 50% off!

Don't forget to pick up
Dandelion Bouquets Freebie
(for just a little longer)
It's just a little add-on I created to say Thanks!
The alpha included in the freebie was created using
my Alphacreate Script too!
If you have Paint Shop Pro you'll love it!
It takes making a custom filled alpha from a
tedious chore to a breeze in just a click of
your mouse! Best thing is you can use papers
you already own! Things you've created for
yourself or some from your favorite designer!!
Or you can use the materials palette to make
the alpha in any color and texture combination
you'd like, creating a perfect alpha for any
layout you choose!
This script is another of my commercial use
products, so if you're a designer or would like
to be, give it a try. You can make tons of
alpha's to add to kits or freebies in just
a short time!

Thanks for visiting
Happy Scrapping

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fun stuff and new Freebies!

I've been playing again!
I'm simply amazed at what Paint Shop Pro can do!
I came up with some patterns that I'm having fun with,
so I created some Paper Makers Overlays.
These are for Professional and Personal use

Then using some overlays from set 3, I created
3 papers in the color scheme of Cortinas del Azul,
just for fun!
Happy Scrapping,

Monday, June 11, 2007

Paint Shop Pro Users

A new font template set is available for my
Alphacreate script

Alphacreate Font Template - Dominican

(note the pattern and colors on the alpha in this preview, a new alpha is coming soon)

With this script PSP users can create custom filled alpha's in
seconds! You can create your own alpha templates
to use over and over again from your favorite fonts.
Not ready to create your own font templates?
I've included 1 in with the Alphacreate script
and now there is another!

Don't have enough choices? More font templates
are being created and will be available soon.

This is a MUST HAVE item for designers using
Paint Shop Pro or scrappers who'd like custom created
alpha's from their favorite designers papers!!
It does the work for you so you can spend your
time creating beautiful layouts or kits!!

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cortinas del Azul - Freebie

Well dh and dd were on the computer all day,
so I didn't have time to work on my freebie until about
10:30pm! But here it is!!!
Happy Scrapping

Cortinas del Azul

I was in the mood for something light
yet masculine when I stumbled across
this color scheme.
This kit contains: 10 12x12 patterned and
lightly textured papers, 3 frame clusters,
2 full Alpha's and 34 other "elements" including
ribbons, tied bows, laced eyelets and more,
all created in 300dpi.
Since I have to create the
"basic element packs"
in order to make other items for the kit,
I've added 4 element packs in with
this kit as well (not shown in preview)
remember I do allow limited commercial use on all
my products, just email me if you'd like to use
something or have any questions.
Now I need your help!!
I'm trying to create at least 1 kit and mini kit
a week, just to keep the creativity flowing.
But I'm running out of kit idea's and kit names.
If you suggest a kit and/or a name that I make
into a kit I will give it to you FREE!
Just make sure to leave me contact info,
so I can send the kit or a coupon to you.
Thanks for reading,
Happy Scrapping

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Super Saturday Saver

Today in the shop you'll find

Painted Roses

This kit began with the desire of bring a new "old" technique to the
digital scrapbooking world. I began searching for a way to "digitally paint"
using the tole painting style. While I've never been a painter,
I enjoy trying new things just to see if it can be done.
This is a mostly monochromatic kit based on a digital painted rose.
The kit has 13 beautiful mixture of card stock, slight grunge
and water colored 12x12 papers. It includes ribbons, twils,
bows, tied ribbons, buttons, frame, ruffled ribbon, and
a string of beads, all created at 300 dpi.

Today only 50% OFF!

Happy Scrapping,


Thursday, June 07, 2007

Have you ever received a Dandelion Bouquet?

Dandelion Bouquets are the choice of bouquets
for every child!
Now you can get your own

Be sure to pick up your own

Do you like surprises?
Then I have one you're just going to love!

Here's my

Happy Scrapping.


Friday, June 01, 2007


Are you a designer using Paint Shop Pro and
you'd love to make alpha's but they are so tedious?

Or are you a scrapper that would like an alpha
in the paper from your favorite designer or in the
colors that match your layouts?

Well then this script is for YOU!


With 1 click of the mouse you can create uppercase,

lowercase or numbers and punctuation!

This is a Paint Shop Pro script that creates
a customized filled alpha on individual canvas',
then saves them as png files for you.

You can use any paper, pattern or colors,
the possibilities are endless!
It takes all the work out of making alpha's in Paint Shop Pro
and is perfect for both commercial and private use.
It works with Paint Shop Pro 9, 10 and 11.
Thanks for reading.
Here's another freebie, just for visiting

here's a bonus freebie for you faithful blog readers

Happy Scrapping